Secret Screening: WHAT DOESN’T KILL ME

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One of the benefits of signing up to the Pop Up Docs mailing list
is that occasionally you will get invited to some exclusive, top secret screenings! Last week Pop Up Docs subscribers came along to a test-screening of Rachel Meyrick’s documentary WHAT DOESN’T KILL ME.


The film is a shocking expose of domestic violence and child custody in the US. It reveals a scandal in the US justice system: that fathers who have been proven to be responsible for domestic violence will be more likely to receive full custody of their children over the protective mother.

Rachel said that she found the evening particularly helpful:

“I have worked alone on this film and its really wonderful to be able to share it with all of you last night and hear your thoughts.

The discussion we had after was very exciting for me and so utterly valuable to the film.

I will move forward on this film having taken on board all your comments. I have many ideas now of how to make this film so much better (and shorter).

PUD_revs_04.jpgI am off to Albany, NY this week to attend the Battered Mothers Custody Conference where I will see many of the current contributors and meet more.  This will be the final shoot and I can collect lots of testimonials from Mothers who have lost their kids in this manner to sprinkle throughout the film.  I will be starting a crowdfunding campaign shortly to get the film to its final form.

Thank you for putting up with the roughcut; it’s sound issues and lack of colour correction, this will all be rectified once I have locked the edit.

I’d love to be able to screen it again to you once it has its new edit so I will keep you all informed of my progress.

Thank you once again for your time and efforts, you are all part of this film now!

We CAN have a thriving film industry in Bath!”

To keep up to date with Rachel’s film take a look at her crowdfunding page.

This was the first (we hope of many) test-screening for a feature documentary that Pop Up Docs had hosted and the feedback has been fantastic. We hope to do many more of these exclusive events, so if you’re not already signed up to Pop Up Docs you can do so here. Don’t miss out!



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