Exciting news – we’re popping up in the Council Chamber at Bath Guildhall!

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We’re really excited to be announcing that POP UP DOCS presents: WHAT DOESN’T KILL ME will be screened in the Council Chambers at Bath Guildhall!

“An impressive setting for a ceremony and reception, the Georgian interiors and grand staircases make a magnificent backdrop.” This beautiful historic venue has hosted many great events since Bath Guildhall was built in 1775, and we think this will be it’s greatest – well, maybe 2nd to the Queen’s visit in 2002. The Victorian Council Chamber is still used as the focal point for Council debate and decision making to this day.

Join us and the film’s director Rachel Meyrick in the perfect court-room style venue for POP UP DOCS presents: WHAT DOESN’T KILL ME, a shocking expose of domestic violence and child custody in the U.S. The film reveals a scandal in the US justice system: that fathers who have been proven to be responsible for domestic violence will be more likely to receive full custody of their children over the protective mother.

Saturday 25th March, 7pm, book your tickets here: https://what_doesnt_kill_me_popupdocs.eventbrite.co.uk

Bath’s Council Chamber – image from http://www.bathvenues.co.uk

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