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We are excited to be able to let you know who our speakers are for our screening of A SYRIAN LOVE STORY, a Bath Welcomes Refugees fundraiser, on Monday 23rd January: Alaa Al Khourdajie and Sally Harris will kindly be joining us.

Sally will present an overview of Bath Welcomes Refugees (BWR) in Bath and beyond, their goals, and how to get involved for those interested.
Alaa will share the experience of two friends, his peers, and their suffering under the current Syrian regime. He will also highlight the challenge we’re facing with ever-expanding refugee crises (political, conflict, environmental) and how we plan for these logistically, as well as politically & through group mentality.

Sally Harris, an active Human-Rights campaigner, is Deputy-Chair of BWR. Alaa Al Khourdajie is a Syrian citizen currently studying for a PHD at Bath University, and a member of the BWR management committee.

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Monday 23rd January, 8pm at the Boston Tea Party, Bath
Dir. Sean McAllister | 78min | 2015 | 12A

This next Pop Up Docs screening is a fundraiser for Bath Welcomes Refugees, get your tickets from our home page: £6 adult | £5 student | £4 unwaged/single parent | FREE refugees/carers

We hope to see many people at this screening, to raise funds and awareness too. Please do come, bring a friend, and tell your neighbours too…

£30 pays for a child’s school uniform, £100 for a pushchair: these are simple things some take for granted, which for others are essential to accessing an education or getting out of the house with the kids. When you think of what is going on across the whole country of Syria (most of the refugees in Bath are from Syria, hence the film choice) as well as the much-covered devastation of Aleppo, a school uniform or a buggy don’t seem like much to ask for, and your donations, any donation, can make a huge difference here.

Bath Welcomes Refugees is a friendly group for anyone in the area who would like to be involved with welcoming refugee families. We have invited a guest speaker to share a glimpse of life as a refugee, the experience of displacement from home, being unable to return to the place where you belong.

For the love of the game…

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The upcoming screening of NEXT GOAL WINS on Saturday 27th June is an exciting collaboration between Pop Up Docs and The Big Bath City Bid. Oliver Holtaway explains a little more about what this important local project is trying to achieve…


The Big Bath City Bid is an initiative that aims to take Bath City FC into community ownership. This means giving the entire community a say in how the club is run, and putting community benefit at the core of the club’s constitution. If we are successful, Bath City FC will become a members-owned club run on a “one member, one vote” model – similar to AFC Wimbledon or FC Barcelona.

We are especially pleased to be partnering with Pop Up Docs on this event. Over the last ten years Bath has seen a boom in the arts and creative industries, attracting graphic designers, film production companies, brand and marketing experts as well as coders and programmers. A community-owned Bath City FC would throw the doors open to Bath’s creatives and invite them to breathe new life into the club. We want Bath City to become a hub of exciting activity where everyone’s talents can find rewarding and meaningful expression.

We need to raise at least £750,000 by 4 September. Sounds like a lot? Well it’s been done before, in the very pub where we are holding this screening! To do this we are selling community shares for a minimum purchase of £250. To find out more about how you can get behind the bid, please visit

The film’s co-director Mike Brett is an AFC Wimbledon fan and sent us this message of support:

“Given the current state of governance in football, there’s never been a more important time for fans to work together, take control of the clubs they love and keep alive the communal values that make this the people’s game.

The Bath City Bid epitomises all that is good about grassroots football support, and shows how integral local clubs can be to their local communities.

Achieving fan ownership isn’t easy, and there will always be challenges along the way, but – as they say in Pago Pago – “fa’a malosi!” (“stay strong!”) and you can achieve anything.”